This sub-par movie gets just 2.5 Icees. So my wife is out of town this weekend so I went to the movies alone. At first I felt guilty that I was going without her, but after watching the movie I realize that although the movie was “ok”, I really just saved a bit of money with that ticket.  I do think she would enjoy the movie, but she probably would have wished that we waited until it came out on demand or at Redbox.  It’s not that the movie is terrible (after all, it did get 2.5 Icees), it’s just that it isn’t that great.

The movie starts off pretty slowly and takes awhile to get going.  Once it does get going it’s actually pretty good.  It’s just a shame that it took too long to get to that point because by the time it’s getting pretty good you’re already regretting spending the money for the tickets, popcorn and soda.

The premise, as you’ve seen in the trailers, is kind of out there.  It starts off with beating you over the head about climate change and then feeds you some sugar as they tell you the world came together as one to build this system to control the weather.  Really?  Do they realize how much this system would cost?  How many decades it would take to build?  Oh well… anyway something goes wrong with the system and the world is in peril.

Gerard Butler is a pretty good actor, but he just hasn’t been in anything good in quite some time.  His best movies in years have been the “Has Fallen” movies, which I liked but not really blockbuster stuff.  Sadly, this one won’t be either. According to IMDB he has 5 movies coming up (including another “Has Fallen” movie) so let’s hope one of those does well.

The supporting cast is serviceable but the plot is overly predictable.  Again, it does get good about 2/3 of the way through, but it’s too little too late to earn anything other than a so-so rating. Hence, 2.5 Icees.