This very fun movie gets 4 Icees (out of 5). When I first heard they were doing a remake of Jumanji so recently after Robin Williams’ death, it made me cringe a little.  I mean, this movie is a classic (in my mind at least) and I just didn’t see how they would make it work.  Well, they did it, and they did it in a fun, funny way.

First, let’s talk about Robin’s legacy and imprint on this movie.  They couldn’t make the exact same movie for a couple of reasons.  First, any attempt to “remake” it would be met with ire (see Ghostbusters).  Second, as it says in the movie, “people don’t play board games anymore”.  So simply, the game adapted.  Can’t say more than that without going into spoilerland.  This isn’t a remake at all, but a sequel… and a pretty good one at that.

I originally thought that The Rock or Kevin Hart would steal this movie.  Nope.  Don’t get me wrong, they are both great.  But the best lines in this movie went to Jack Black, who plays a teenage self-absorbed girl in a hilarious fashion.  The lines he gives and the way he delivers them are just… well, hilarious.  Throw in The Rock as a nerd, Kevin Hart as a jock and Karen Gillan rocks it as a relative newcomer to the big screen.  Yes, she’s been in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Circle (and some other projects) but when you put her in a group with the 3 leading men, it would have been easy for her to be lost, but she wasn’t.  She held her own very well, thank you very much.  Nick Jonas, even though he doesn’t appear until about halfway through the film, does a pretty decent job as well.

This movie has action, hilarious humor (as opposed to some other type of humor?), and keeps it clean enough for the family to see.  The teenage girl discovering her male anatomy is the only thing that was even close to being off-color.  If you are looking for an alternative from Star Wars, this is the movie to see if you want to laugh and have a great time, this is the movie to see.

No scenes during or after the credits.