This movie that had so much potential comes in at a disappointing 3 Icees.  I have like Taraji P. Henson since she was on Person of Interest.  I never watched Empire as nightime soap operas just aren’t my thing.  She was exceptional in Hidden Figures and so I looking forward to seeing her in the lead of an action movie.  Unfortunately, the writer(s) of this movie didn’t do her any favors.

The plot is straightforward, with no surprising twists or turn. The dialog is bland, but Taraji pulls it off well, as does Billy Brown.  The young actor (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) however definitely needs more acting lessons before he ventures out too much farther. His lines often were delivered flat and without any emotion to them.  Actually, this whole movie lacked emotion.  There was no character development to speak of.

So with all of that, how did it get “up” to 3 Icees?  Well, the acting of Taraji was a big factor as were the action scenes, especially the final.  There just wasn’t enough action to make it work.  I still think she can pull off the lead of an action franchise, but this one won’t be it.  This one was just… a nice movie… a nice way to kill a couple of hours… after it comes out on Redbox.

There is a scene as the credits start but nothing after that.