This exceptional movie gets 4.5 Icees.  The only things that stop this movie from getting a perfect 5 Icees is that there is almost too much dialog and it has too much of a political statement.  I go to the movies to be entertained, not politicized.

Now with that said, this movie was awesome!  The action, although less than a normal Marvel movie, was great. The wardrobe designs were fantastic. The cinematography was beautiful. The acting was superb.  With the money that this movie is guaranteed to make, there is no doubt there will be a sequel and I for one am looking forward to it already.

Chadwick Bossman plays the regal new king of Wakanda quite well.  On a side note, you don’t have to have seen all the previous Marvel movies to watch this one as it tells you all you need to know if you listen closely to the dialog, especially at the beginning of the film when they explain Wakanda and vibranium. Okay, now back to the actors. Michael B. Jordan plays an exceptional villain with a decent backstory of his own.  When you listen to him you truly believe that he feels strongly about what he is fighting for. Forrest Whitaker does his normal excellent job as a wise shaman (I guess that is what he is). Lupita Nyong’o is great as is Danai Gurira as a General you don’t want to mess with.  Did I mention this movie has a great cast?  I didn’t even get around to Martin Freeman who continues his role from Captain America: Civil War as a CIA agent. Throw in some Andy Serkis and you have a great group of actors who showed up to make a great movie.

Not only was the movie good itself, but there is a social aspect that must be recognized. This is the first superhero blockbuster to star an African-American actor (and majority of cast) and the first one directed by an African-American as well.  Just as Wonder Woman showed great things that women can do, hopefully Black Panther will be recognized as a shining example of what African-Americans can do.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t take this long for these types of movies to be made?  Well, the important thing is that they are being done now and hopefully more so in the future.

As I mentioned before, be sure you listen to the narrative at the beginning of the film because it truly sets up the Wakandan nation and explains its technical superiority.  If you like Marvel movies and I believe that even if you don’t… you will enjoy this movie.

There is a scene partway during the credits and one after the credits are done.