I asked a good friend of mine, Mark R., to write a review for this movie since he watched and I haven’t yet (and may not).  Below is his review.  He gives it 3.5 Icees out of 5.

It’s not that it was such a well done film, or that it was full of forceful or powerful scenes, or evoked feelings of deep emotion based on it’s cinematic wonder.  As far as “Religious” films go it’s quality was indeed excellent. Fine quality acting. The plot was a bit slow moving, I’m sure, for most…perhaps even a bit boring and of course poetic license was taken in dramatically recreating ancient events short on interpersonal details.

But none of that was the point.  The intent, it seems to me, was to communicate the horrific persecution and dogged tenacity that propelled this beautiful, unlikely message of a peasant, Jewish carpenter turned Rabbi… whom these heroic, messengers claimed had been resurrected and revolutionized their lives…out of the first century.


It’s no Passion of the Christ. Moves kinda slow and doesn’t develop the various characters/ideas in detail, but it’s covering 35 years of early Christianity and trying to stay within one city and year. I had a couple theological issues but not bad. I like that it makes the characters very human. Not holy, untouchable, saints, but scared, flawed, sometimes doubting everyday humans.

Based on what he wrote, I think I am confident in saying that Mark would encourage anyone to see this movie, perhaps especially those that consider themselves Christians, or those that follow Christ.  Others may enjoy this movie as well.