As you might expect, I had very high hopes for this film.  As a Marvel/DC junkie, I’ve enjoyed all of the films, but this one…  Wow..  Just… Wow!!  Two and a half hours of pure excitement, laughter (at times) and action… nonstop action.  It’s everything you had hoped this movie would be and more.  Yes, as you may have guessed, I am giving this 5 Icees out of 5. Not only because of the action, but also the classic Marvel wit, mixed in with some real emotional moments.

I read some reviews online that knocked this movie a bit for being too much action and not enough development.  Hello?!?!  We’ve had 18 movies of development!  How much more development do you need??  The only really new character is Thanos, and I thought they gave him just enough of a backstory.  Combine that backstory with Josh Brolin’s portrayal, and you have an exquisitely played villain who thinks he’s doing the right thing.

You must try to avoid spoilers before seeing this movie.  It will allow you to be shocked when things happen that you don’t expect, and a couple that you do.

The movie does a really good job of blending in all of the heroes from the previous 18 movies.  You might even recognize a villain from a previous movie. Of course, you’ll recognize Stan Lee in his cameo (I don’t really count that as a spoiler).  Instead of keeping the Guardians together, and keeping the Avengers together, and so on… Marvel does a great job of mixing a matching, but not in a forced way… in a way that really is pretty smooth.  Once the mixes/matches get used to each other, the action really heats up!

If you have enjoyed the previous Marvel movies, you will absolutely LOVE this one.  There is only one scene after the credits and it’s way at the end.  It may require you do to so Googling after the movie is over, but it’s a nice tease for the next movie.

I liked this one so much… I am really glad that we pre-bought tickets to go see it again tomorrow morning!