If you liked the first one, you’ll be perfectly happy with this one as well, which is why I gave it a solid 4-Icees.  Be warned however that in my opinion this movie is more vulgar, violent and gory than the original (hard to believe, I know).  On the flip side, I think that in spots it is also funnier.

The movie starts out hilariously (you’ll want to be there for the opening credits and reading them for a change) and ends the same way (the during-the-credits scenes are hilarious).  There is some parts in the middle of the movie (with the arrival of Cable) that slow down and kind of plod through, and some bits here and there that just aren’t as funny as they intended and drag on a tad.  However, it picks back up and continues down it’s merry way and overall is hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds ability to deliver the sarcastic lines is magnificent, even if he’s poking fun at himself (which he does frequently).  His supporting cast is simply there to play off of him and do so well enough without having any real meaning or depth at all. This is a Deadpool movie, and he’s the star and they work it to perfection!

Warning: I saw some people bringing in younger kids (like 11-12 years old).  I would highly discourage this.  This movie does not hold back on the vulgarity and leudness at all and fully earns its R-rating.  Heck, even in the previews there was a red band trailer that wasn’t appropriate for younger kids, even though it has puppets!  That being said, if that kind of stuff doesn’t bother you, this movie is hilarious and fun and you will enjoy yourself.

There are scenes during the credits, but once the long credits get moving along you can leave because there is nothing at the very end.


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