For me, despite an excellent cast with some decent performances, this movie was disappointing and therefore only gets 2.5 Icees out of 5.  It just seemed like there was so much more that this movie could have been, and it just didn’t live up to that expectation.

The cast did a good job with the bad script.  Jodie Foster was great as an aging, quirky medical professional. Sterling K. Brown, who is someone I am liking more and more each time I see him, did a serviceable job, but wasn’t really given the opportunity to showcase what he could do in an action flick.  On the other hand, Sofia Boutella (Kingsman, Mummy) continues to show that she can kick butt and look sexy doing it. Throw in a little Jeff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto and Charlie Day and this movie should have just blown everyone away.  The performances they gave are the only reason that this movies gets as high as 2.5 Icees.

Instead, the script was so limiting, so short-sighted.  I mean, you have the whole Hotel Artemis theme (think a medical version of The Continental from the John Wick movies), mix in a heist and some killing and this movie should have rocked it.  It just didn’t…  It…  just…  didn’t.

My recommendation… wait until this comes out at Redbox and catch it then.

There is a short scene as the credits start, but nothing after that.