This is the second movie I watched this weekend with so much promise left unfulfilled (see Hotel Artemis), however this one is a bit more entertaining so I will give it 3 Icees out of 5.

It does its job of telling a story of a jewelry heist.  It could have done it with more comedy. It could have done it with more flair.  But, it did do it.

This cast was phenominal. Sandy, Cate, Rhianna, Mindy, Helena, Anne, Awkwafina and Sarah.  What’s not to love?  All this potential and all it really did was tell a story.  It wasn’t a ‘bad’ story, but it wasn’t a great one either. For me, Helena Bonham Carter was awesome.  She was a-typical Helena.  I wonder if she is this quirky in real life? It seems that every time I see her, she is playing an eccentric of some sort.  Oh well…  The other ladies were good too, but there just wasn’t enough interaction.  Hopefully that’s just because this movie took a bit to get set up and didn’t have time for the banter that I was expecting.

In any event, if you loved the Oceans series of movies so far, you should like this one ok, but for me… just like with the reboot of Ghostbusters with an all-female lead, there was so much emphasis on placing the ladies in these roles, they forgot how best to use them once they got there.

Now, I did give this movie 3 Icees, which is right about where my cutoff point is as to whether I recommend seeing a movie or not, so this one I do as it is enjoyable and things at the box office were a bit slow this weekend, but once the summer starts heating up again, this movie will be left in the dust so see it while you can or put it on your Redbox list.

No scenes during or after the credits