14 years after the first movie came out, the sequel is made and it’s good!  It’s 4 Icees out of 5 good!  Before I go on about this movie, let me give you a serious warning.  If you or your children have epilipsy or suffer seizures when lights blink, you should avoid this movie!  It’s sad, but when they made it they didn’t even think of this possible effect.  There are 3 or 4 scenes that could easily trigger a seizure.

Now that I’ve covered that (and met my PSA obligation for the month), let’s talk about the movie itself.  It picks up right after the last one ended (no, 14 years did not pass…  just a few moments).  If you remember the last movie, a giant drilling machine popped out of the ground.  Well, the story continues from there.

The movie starts off a bit slow (one of the reasons it gets 4 Icees instead of 5), but when it picks up, it’s hilarious.  Jack-Jack is the scene stealer and the main star of this movie.  Just about everything with him is great.  To go into details would be a spoiler, but remember the original movie and how when he was way up in the air (where his family could not see him) he showed he does have powers?  Okay, just making sure.

The only negative (besides the stupidity to make a kids’ movie that can cause seizures) is the fact that this movie perpetuates a negative stereotype about men; that we can’t raise our own kids.  It makes me kind of mad when movies do that because there are plenty of men out that do perfectly well taking care of our children, thank you very much.

That negative is easily offset by the hilarity that ensues. The kids in the theater absolutely loved this movie.  They laughed out loud on several occasions (which didn’t happen during Finding Dory, just sayin’).  To me, this is Pixar’s best movie in many years.

There are no scenes during or after the credits.