After the Avengers: Infinity War movie, this movie was a refreshing, uplifting change of pace.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved AIW but its overall tone was serious, whereas this movie is all fun.  That, plus the characters and the dialog are some of the reasons that this movie gets a solid 4 Icees (out of 5).

First, the story.  I thought it was well-written, just like the first one.  It definitely comes at you with a lighter tone and more laughs, but at the same time there is a seriousness to it with the overall mission (with a limited window of time, of course).  There are bad people (of course) and incompetent good guys (which is kind of a shame… one of the reasons the movie didn’t rate higher for me). Overall, it’s just a fun story that the entire family will enjoy.

Then the acting. Michael Pena once again steals every scene he is in, but in the other scenes Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are great, and their chemistry works really well. Even Abby Ryder Forston (Cassie, Ant-Man’s daughter) does a good job.  I thought her acting was a little less than good in the original.  I guess getting a couple of years older has helped her (maybe she took acting lessons?).

Finally, the action.  These are done really well, from the choreography of the fight scenes to the enlarging/shrinking of items…  just pure fun, which is the best way to describe this movie overall… just pure fun.

There is an important scene partway through the credits and another scene after the credits are done.