This movie is a great example of the reason that Reviews By The Don was created.  Currently this movie has a critics rating of 38% on, with an audience rating of 77%.  So who do you turn to?  Simple… ME!  Below I will explain why this movie gets 3.5 Icees out of 5.  This isn’t the “deep” movie that will thrill the critics, but it is one that most audiences will enjoy.

First, you know going in that this is a comedy with some action in it, so that’s what you should expect.  You shouldn’t go in expecting Mission: Impossible or The Hangover, but something somewhere in-between, and that’s what you get with this movie.  It has more action than I anticipated.  I think the action, shootings and stabbings alone would get it an R-rating. Throw in the language and a brief nudity scene and you get a movie that more than deserves the R-rating it has received.

The action is pretty well choreographed.  Now, it’s not Bourne or anything, but it is a decent movie from an action standpoint.

That takes us to the comedy.  You won’t fall out of your chair laughing, but you will laugh.  Kate McKinnon has moments where her comedy shines, and when you combine that with Mila Kunis playing the innocent, well… it just works.  In case this wasn’t enough for the ladies, you throw in a couple of studly guys with Justin Therox and Sam Heughan and now you have a movie that ladies should enjoy.  Well, that’s if they enjoy some action and killin’ as well.

During a slow weekend like this, you can either go back and watch MI6 or you can watch this.  Either way, you will have a good time at the movies.

There are two short scenes during the credits, but nothing afterwards.