In The Happytime Murders, the only thing that was really killed was one and a half hours of my time. The red-band trailer for this movie (1 Icee out of 5) had almost everything right.  There is a lot of foul language, sexual explicity and muppet violence.  The one thing missing… humor.  This was one of the most unfunny “comedy” movies I have ever seen.  Only once in a while did I mutter a chuckle (which is the only reason it didn’t get zero Icees).

This movie had promise, but it just didn’t deliver.  Mixing puppets in with humans and the interaction between them could bring some really funny moments, but in their attempt to make it crude (and that is one area in which they succeeded), they forgot it was also supposed to be funny.

It seems that Melissa McCarthy seems to think that the more times she says the f-word, the funnier a movie is.  That is a shame because I think she can be an incredibly funny actress (I loved her in Mike and Molly).  The jokes are unfunny, the racism overly done, and overall it’s just not a good movie.  It’s not often I totally trash a movie, but this one deserves it.  It deserves the 22% rating from critics and 48% from audiences on  It’s that bad.

There are bloopers during the credits, which in reality are funnier than the movie itself (sad, isn’t it?).  No scenes after the credits.

Save your money and go see something else… anything else.