Even though the misleading marketing campaign caused me to see this a week after its debut, I’m glad I did.  I give this a strong 3.5 Icees!

The marketing campaign made it seem like the title should be interpreted as Crazy…. Rich Asians.  To me, this equals a stupid-funny comedy that I would have no interest in seeing.  After reading some reviews from last weekend’s showing I realize that it is actually Crazy Rich…. Asians, and that’s all the difference in the world.  This movie is based on a book, which of course I never read… because I don’t read books.  I just can’t get into them.  Oh well, on with the review.

This just tells a story, and there have been movies like this in the past that I have enjoyed… Movies that don’t really fall into a single category.  Movies like Up In The Air, or The Intern.  Movies that have some comedy, some drama, and seems pretty close to real life.  This is one of those movies.

There is enough romance in it for it to be the perfect date movie (guys, that’s what I call, “a hint”).  There’s just enough comedy that it’s not dull in any way, but it’s really not a romantic comedy.  This movie has a tale as old as time, but also has some disappointment, hurt, and meanness in it.  In other words… life.

The fact that it stars an all-Asian cast is great, but it’s not anything like you might expect.  No sterotypes, which is fantastic!!  Knowing how Hollywood is, I really expected the movie to be dominated by that and I was so pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t.

If you want to go see a really nice movie that just happens to have an all-Asian cast, this is a nice one to see.  Oh, one other thing… I’ve read that they are already working on a sequel!

There is a short scene during the credits, but nothing following.