This movie, based on a true story, gets 3 Icees (out of 5).  I wish I could give it more… I really do.  It’s an important story and has a couple of very good performances (by Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac), but as far as a story goes, it just seems to fall flat in too many places for my liking.

The interaction between Ben and Isaac is the best part of the story, and they just don’t show enough of it.  I get that this is the a movie about the capture of Adolf Eichman, but would it hurt to tell a little more about his role as opposed to eluding to it during conversations? I think my wonderful wife said it best when she said it just seemed like we were going to get more.

Also, the film attempts to develop tension where none exists.  A great example of this is that at some point toward the end of the movie, it makes it appear as something very dire will happen if a people is unsuccessful at something (hard to do this without spoilers).  Well, some people are unsuccessful and it appears that nothing really negative happened at all because in the next scene all is well.  I don’t know if the editor took something out to make the movie shorter or what, but it just created a huge hole in the film.

So how did this get 3 Icees?  Again, it was primarily because of the two leads.  Indepentantly they were ok, but when together they were able to play off each other very well and it greatly improved the movie. Also, the fact that this is based on a true and heroic story also gives it some cred.

Right before the credits, there are some clips of the trial but otherwise no scenes during or after the credits.