This sequel isn’t as good as the first and starts slow, but it is serviceable enough and gets 3 Icees out of 5.  To say that the movie starts out slow would be an insult to slow.  I get wanting to set up the movie, but I think this one just went a little too long to do so.  Once it did get going, I thought it was enjoyable to watch.

Madison Iseman (you may remember her as young Bethany from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) does a much better job of acting here because… well… she’s given a lot more to do than to be the “popular blonde chick” and she does it well.  However, the actor I think I was most impressed with was Jeremy Ray Taylor. He was in “It”, but I didn’t watch it (get it… see what I keep doing there?). It’s not often a lead role goes to someone of Jeremy’s stature and I thought the young man did a good job with it.

Yes, most of the story is silly, but it’s a Goosebumps movie so what’d you expect?  The plot is transparent and there are few surprises, but it does well for a nice pre-teen comedy/Halloween movie… and yes… I think that ventriloquist doll is just plain creepy… even before it starts to talk.

The stuff (not really scenes) during and after the credits are not worth sticking around for.

Semi-Spoiler!!!!!  The man that gives out the award at the end of the movie is….  R.L. Stein!!