This exceptionally well done movie earns a solid 4 Icees (out of 5).  Normally I feel I have to justify why a good movie doesn’t get 5 Icees.  I mean, if I like it and think people should see it, shouldn’t it get 5 Icees?  Wellllll, no.  Although I thought this was a great movie, it’s not one that I would want to watch over and over again.  It’s a really good film, and that’s about it.

First, let’s talk acting.  When I saw that Lady Gaga was in this film I figured there would be awesome vocals displayed (and there are), but I have to confess that I figured this would be another “she can sing so of course she thinks she can act”.  In this case, she really CAN act, and act very well. I don’t know if she pulled experiences from her own life to prepare for this movie or not, but her performance felt real to me.  When you see Bradly Cooper and his blue eyes and deep voice, you know he’s going to do well and women will want to see it.  However, you thrown in Lady Gaga and her acting ability as well and you have the making of a strong movie.  It doesn’t hurt that Sam Elliot also had a good performance in a supporting role.

The story is filled with drama like nobody’s business.  The strong acting and good storyline gives this movie immediate Oscar appeal.  It also makes this movie a good date movie.  I don’t mean that in a romantic comedy sort of way, but in a real love story… filled with challenges, struggles, happiness and occasional fits of anger.  My only challenge is that there is some predictability in the film that could have been avoided.

Now, this movie is rated R for valid reasons.  Cursing throughout, nudity that could have been avoided and drug use are the main things that you will experience in this film, so if those things bother you, perhaps this excellent movie isn’t quite for you.

No scenes during or after the credits.