This totally uninteresting film gets a woeful 1.5 Icees (out of 5), primarily due to the beautiful sets, designs and costumes.  Otherwise this movie was a total bust.  Heck, even the title is a miss.  The nutcracker is just a supporting character and a bad acting one at that.

Let’s start with the story.  It’s boring, uninteresting and I found myself drifting off in my mind, thinking of far more engaging things… like the french fries I hadn’t yet finished.  There is nothing within this movie that makes you care about anyone in it.  The main character is mostly whiny, then suddenly courageous.  Huh?  The plot plods along unexcitedly.

The young man who plays the nutcracker gives such a woefully plastic performance I shuttered every time he was about to speak, knowing it would come out without any emotion or acting ability whatsoever. Can you tell I didn’t care for this movie?

The only thing that made me wince more was the voice that Keira Knightley used.  Each time she spoke, it was like she found every nerve in my body and decided to jump up and down on it like a trampoline.  Think fingernails on a chalkboard times 100.

There were several children in the theater that lost interest so fast and just started chatting with their parents and for once… I didn’t mind.  What they were saying was far more interesting that what was on the screen. There is one scene with clown-like characters that scared some of the children, so be warned of that.

But remember…. it has beautiful sets, designs and costumes.

There is some dancing during the credits, but that’s about it.  Not only should you not stick around for the closing credits, don’t even show up for the opening ones!  You want to avoid this movie!