This movie suffered by misguided advertising, attempting to ride the coattails of the wildly successful Tiffany Haddish when in fact she has just a very funny supporting role in this movie.  The trailers made it seem like this was a rip-roaring comedy movie, when in fact that was only part of the story.

The movie (3 Icees out of 5) centers more around Tika Sumpter and her life, which yes… includes her recently paroled sister (Haddish). The movie starts out as the pure comedy the trailers were talking about… a woman who is catfished, but then the movie ventures off in more of a real life direction.  One that is pretty decent, albeit not terrific.  I don’t want to give out any spoilers but don’t go there expecting nothing but comedy because then you’ll be disappointed, which may explain the ratings on

Okay… here’s a little… it’s about lost love, catfished love, and possibly finding love again.  With a bunch of Tiffany thrown in for laughs.  Crude laughs, but laughs nonetheless.  This movie has explicit language and sexual situations (and positions).  I actually enjoyed Tiffany more in Night School than I did this movie, but it’s ok.  Tika and Amber Riley did pretty darn good themselves.

This movie also committed my pet peeve… having a scene in the trailers that was NOT in the movie.  I had it when studios do that.  If it is good enough to put in a trailer to try to sell people on seeing the movie, put it in the stinkin’ film!

There are some bloopers during the credits, but nothing afterwards.