Sometimes before I go to a movie, I see what the professional critics and audiences think on  This was one of those times and when I saw that the critics had this at 12% and the audiences only at 51% I was discouraged, expecting to be highly disappointed.  You see, I like Taron Egerton (Kingman) and Jamie Foxx, so I had high expectations… well, at least until I read what others were thinking.  However, The Don doesn’t go solely on what others think so I still went and saw the movie, and I am glad I did!

This movie was fun, action-filled, and (of course) is set up for a franchise.  Now, with reviews like those that franchise may not happen, but more on that later.  This movie gets a solid 4 Icees.  Based on what the audiences think at RT, it appears half of you will like it and half will not.  I am definitely on the half that does.

The movie does take quite a bit of time setting things up (as if setting up for a franchise versus the movie it’s in) but once it gets going, it’s really good.  The entertainment value of this movie (and isn’t that why we go… to be entertained?) is high.  However, I have one piece of advice if you go to see this movie.  Just like the intro says… forget what you think you know about Robin Hood.  This isn’t that story.  If you do that, I think you can enjoy this film.

Your standard characters are there.  The Sheriff (played well by Ben Medelsohn), Marion (played by the enchanting Eve Hewson), Little John, Friar Tuck and even Will Scarlet.  However, these characters aren’t playing the roles that you remember.  I guess you could say that the names are the same, but the roles are different.

If you can go in with an open mind, I think you’ll enjoy this movie.  I did!

No scene during or after the credits.