This fun movie gets an enthusiastic 4 Icees.  Although I think the original Transformers movie was the best of the franchise, this movie quickly moves into second place.  The movie has a nice story, plenty of action, funny scenes and is just well-done.  This was refreshing because after the first couple of Transformers movies, the rest just got stupider and stupider.  This movie goes back to its roots and I like that.

Set in the late 80s, before the first Transformers movie, this movie introduces us to Bumblebee and tells us how he got his name, and how he lost his voice.  I think the movie does this storytelling very well, but the movie isn’t perfect.  Although I normally like John Cena his acting in this movie was horrible.  I mean plastic horrible; bad acting horrible.  Get what I mean? The same can be said (although for smaller roles) for Glynn Turman and John Ortiz.

Want to know whose acting was not horrible?  In fact, her acting was quite good.  That would be Hailee Steinfeld in the lead role (lead with the exception of Bumblebee of course).  Her acting makes you actually believe her character is going through what something tramatic (can’t tell you what that is because that would be a spoiler).  An honorable mention can go to Jorge Lendeborg Jr, who doesn’t give a bad performance, but it isn’t knock-your-socks-off either.

I like that this movie tried to be true to the first movie in that it doesn’t contradict anything that comes later and in fact kind of sets things up quite nicely.

There is a scene shortly after the credits start, but nothing after that.