As my regular readers will know, I am not able to get to every movie… so once in a while when I’m not able to see a movie but a reader of mine is, I ask them if they would like to write a short review so I would like to thank Jessica Beaver for the below 3.5 Icee review of Mary Poppins returns…

If someone has not watched the original Mary Poppins many times, while they may enjoy the new one, a lot of the themes will be lost on them, as was the case with my Dad. However, they did an excellent job to keep with the spirit of the original MP, including having Dick Van Dyke make an appearance at the end. I do wish the balloon lady at the end would have been Julie Andrews as opposed to Angela Landsbury, but that is mostly due to my fondness for Julie Andrews.

Emily Blount did a fabulous job keeping the mystery and magic of MP alive, but giving it her own, more serious twist. I think knowing the details of the first MP is what allowed me to enjoy the second one so much.

That would not mean someone who has never seen the original wouldn’t enjoy her return, though it may speak to their preference in film if they are unfamiliar altogether and reflecting on their level of enjoyment. My Dad said he would not want to see it again, and I would be quite eager to go again to see if I could pick out any more of the more hidden details.

The lamplighters are reminiscent of the chimney sweeps, jumping into the Royal Daulton bowl from the children’s nursery is parallel with jumping into Bert’s chalk drawing, visiting Mary’s cousin is absolutely a memory jogger for the first visit with Uncle Albert, and Aunt Jane is carrying on her mother’s efforts for justice and rather than votes for women, she’s rallying for the working class.

In all, I would think that people who enjoy the magic and whimsy of early Disney films, specifically from the Dick Van Dyke era, would enjoy the Return quite as much as a spoon full of sugar.

No scenes after the credits (thank you