People ask me sometimes why I write this blog, when probably less than 20 people will ever see any particular post (like this one).  Well, The Upside is a perfect example as to why.  Currently on it has an abismal critic rating of 39% and an audience rating of 79%.  Who do you believe?  The 39% tells me that if you watch or read a particular critic you’ll probably skip this movie… but for the people that didn’t skip it, 79% enjoyed it.  So instead of some classically trained theater critic, I thought you’d like to see a review from a regular guy.  A guy that just wants to enjoy himself watching a movie.  Well, what does this “regular guy” say about this movie?

Although it won’t win any awards, I really enjoyed this movie and give it a solid 3.5 Icees out of 5.  Why Icees?  Well, that’s just something I really enjoy at the theater and when thinking of a rating system, I felt this was something nobody else was doing… you know, unique, like The Don.

Okay, back to the movie, which is based on a true story and was done once by the French in “The Intouchables”.  The main thing that I enjoyed about this movie is the banter between the two main characters, played by Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston.  I honestly think Kevin Hart is at his best when he can play off another actor (like The Rock in both Central Intelligence and Jumanji) and he shows that here.  Nicole Kidman does a decent job as well, but the relationship between Kevin and Nicole seemed a little forced at times.

Although not a full-on comedy, the humor is spot on and many times the audience literally laughed out loud.  There is some catheter humor that some may not find tasteful, but most people were too busy laughing to think about that. There is some overdone sterotypes (like rich white guy and poor just out of prison black guy) but since this is based on a true story that didn’t bother me. I just found that this movie really did make for an enjoyable evening.

There are no scenes during or after the credits.