In order to prepare to see this movie, I thought it best to watch the two that came before it.  Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016).  If I had rated those two movies, Unbreakable would have gotten 2 Icees (way too slow and was downright boring in parts) and Split would have gotten 4 Icees (excellent thriller without being gory).  So what did Glass get?  I ended up settling on 3.5 Icees.

This movie can be broken into two parts.  The first half-to-two-thirds of the movie is slow and sometimes boring (leaning all the way towards 2 Icees), but then the last 1/3 of the movie was… just wow.. almost like 4-4.5 Icees.  Hence, it ends up with a 3.5 Icee rating.

I think that in order to watch this movie you would first have to see Split.  I think that you could read enough about Unbreakable to be ready but Split is different.  I think you have to experience the different personalities of Kevin, played awesomely by James McAvoy.  In fact, if the Academy gave out an Oscar for Best Performance in a Thriller, he should get it.  I love that even during the credits, they list each of his personalities individually on the left and “James McAvoy” on the right.  I would hope he got paid for each of them individually too!  He sure earned it.

I wish they had given more screen time to Samuel L. Jackson, but what they did give him, he worked to perfection.

Another aspect I liked about this movie, as with any trilogy, they brought back the supporting actors too, including the girl from Split, the momma for Samuel L. Jackson, and of the son of David Dunn, .  Considering that the Unbreakable movie was 18 years ago, having the boy from that movie in this one was really cool to me.  Just sayin’

As I mentioned before, the movie plods along for the first part of the movie, but it really pays off in the end, including traditional M. Night Shyamalan twists.  If you enjoyed Split, you will enjoy the next adventures of Kevin, David and of course…. Mr. Glass

No scenes during or after the credits.