This wonderful tale, as a rated-PG children’s story, gets a solid 4 Icees.  Obviously, if it were rated as an adult movie, that might change, but as a kids/pre-teen movie, this does quite well.

King Arthur’s story, retold in today’s time with children taking the leads as the main characters.  Yup, that’s pretty much the idea (not a spoiler as it was already revealed during the trailers).

So you take a bunch of unknown child actors, add just a dash of Patrick Stewart, and a smidgeon of a Mission-Impossible actor and you have a delightful children’s story that is funny at times (though not really laugh-out-lound funny) and teaches a lesson, as all kids movies apparently must do now.

All of the children in the theater really seemed to enjoy this movie quite a bit, and I confess… I did as well.

The PG-rating is earned as I would not recommend this for small (less than 7-ish) children because, just as shown in the trailers, these kids battle demon-like creatures and some scenes may be scary for the very young.  Otherwise, it’s just a good fun movie.

No scenes during or after the credits.