So in the first movie, everything was awesome.  The comedy, the newness, the Easter eggs…. everything.  This time around, everything is…. ok… fine… a’ight…  This is why this sequel gets just 3 Icees (out of 5).

To me, this movie forgot what made the first one so great, and instead fell into the same type of trap of other kids movies… Teach a moral, sell a soundtrack, and just get by.  Don’t get me wrong, it seems that many of the kids in the theater enjoyed the film, although there wasn’t nearly as many laugh-out-loud moments like in the first one.  There were also references in the movie that only the adults will understand (throwbacks to previous comic movies as an example), but overall it was just ok.

In the first movie, the only song I remember hearing was the famous, “Everything is Awesome”.  In this movie, there are at least 4-5 songs pushed into it.  Some are funny and some just… aren’t. Heck, there’s even a song about the credits… during the credits!  It seemed to fall into that genre where it’s just as important to sell a soundtrack as it is to make a movie.  There were several parts in the movie where I was actually bored.

Finally, the thing that I think I disliked most of all was that there was too much of the real world in this movie.  In the original you didn’t know that there was a “real world” until the end and I get that you can’t unring that bell… but in this one there is too much interjection of the real world into the movie, which of course supports the moral of the movie like a sledge hammer on a thumbtack.

Your kids will probably like this one well enough and that’s who this is for… but don’t expect the same (or even close) originality that came with the first… because it’s just not there.

There is the aforementioned song during the credits with new animation but not worth sticking around for.