Sometimes when I write these reviews it’s a case where the critics hate something and the audience loves it… or perhaps the critics love it and the audience hates it.  In the case of What Men Want, everyone seemed to hate it.  On Rottentomatoes, it has a critic rating of 47% and an audience rating of only 51%.  That is usually when I see if I can get a refund on my tickets.  Thankfully, this time I went ahead and watched the movie and although it’s not great, it’s not nearly as bad as people are saying and so this movie gets 3 Icees (out of 5).

Yes, there are way too many fart jokes… yes, it stereotypes gay men in an idiotic way… yes, the f-bombs fly far too often…  and yes, the story is predictable in spots.

But you know what?  Despite all of that, I enjoyed myself and that’s what going to the movies is all about.  Now I wish someone would give Taraji P. Henson a great script to work with in the comedy and/or action genre because between Proud Mary and this movie… I am convinced she would do an awesome job, but the writing is just not great.  She has an upcoming movie (The Best of Enemies) where it looks like she will give another great dramatic performance (as with Hidden Figures),  and she does a great job here… with what she has to work with.

The movie earns its R-rating with the f-bombs and sexual situations, and phallic symbols a-plenty, but if that doesn’t bother you and you’re not interested in Legos, this might just be a nice way to spend an evening.

There are some scenes partway through the credits, but nothing afterwards.