This anit-rom-com rom-com gets a nice little 4-Icee review.  I like movies that have a twist, or a unique angle on things, and this movie falls into that mold. Yes, in its core it is a romantic comedy, but its main character is someone who hates romantic comedies so the fact that she is trapped in one is a great way to do a rom-com.

This movie calls out all of the rom-com staples (the gay friend, breaking up a wedding, sudden dance numbers, etc) but it calls them out by doing them.  You’ll have to see the movie to know what I mean, and for me… this was a cute little movie that would be a nice date-night out.

Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect franchise… which I’ve never seen) is hilarious as the main character and is supported well by the whole cast.  There is (of course) a moral to the movie and that’s all well and good… and the laughs aren’t all lol funny (although some of them are), but I really enjoyed watching this movie and in the end, that’s what counts right?

There is a dance scene that happens during the first part of the credits, but nothing after that.