Wow…  There are rare occasions when I find it difficult to write a review without doing any spoilers, but that is what this will be because it’s what I do… so if this post seems a little disjointed it is because I am endeavoring to tell you how awesome this movie is without giving away anything.   However, first things first.  Let me tell you how many Icees (out of five) that this movie gets…  FIVE!!!

It has everything that an Avengers movie should have.  It has action (mostly during the last hour), humor, the obligatory Chris Hemsworth shirtless scene, and the familiar theme of heroes versus villains.  However, to try to summarize this movie as just those things would not be fair.  This movie is an end to a 22-movie run, and when you watch it, you cannot help but remember many things from the movies that came before it.

What I like is that this movie truly feels like an “end” to the story.  Not the end of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but the end of this story.  I like that.  I like that a story that started 11 years ago is concluded and it feels like a conclusion.

This movie has plenty of emotion throughout.  As you know half of all life had been dusted in Infinity War and this movie forces us to feel how the world has dealt with that and you can’t do that without emotion.  People have suffered loss.  The Avengers suffered loss by watching their friends/loved ones get dusted right before their eyes and the wrought feeling of that loss is protrayed very well.

I would recommend watching Captain Marvel, to include the post-credits scene, before watching this movie or else something will seem a little off (like, where did she come from?).

There is no “scene” during or after the credits, but there is “something” at the very end.  I wouldn’t say that it’s worth sticking around for and honestly I couldn’t tell you what it was if I tried.