I should probably start off with a disclaimer, and that disclaimer is that I have never “appreciated” the vulgar humor of Seth Rogen.  However, this movie also has Charlize Theron in it and I thought it would be great to see her in a funny comedy.  Sadly, I am still waiting to see her in a funny comedy, because this one does not qualify.  She’s great… and is the only reason why this movie earned the 2-Icees that it gets (out of 5).  She has great comedic timing and her deliveries are spot on.  Sadly, she just had an idotic co-star and a horrible script to work with.

During the opening scene, I thought that this movie would be different and that Seth Rogen was going to be playing someone that is at least somewhat believeable.  The rest of the movie proved me wrong as he plays an absolute idiot and someone that would not even be able to function in society, much less get the Secretary of State to be interested in him.  It’s not even that this movie goes into vulgar areas it doesn’t need to go to (and believe me, it does).  It’s just that… it’s… not… funny…   At all!

Why the critics love this movie so much 83% on Rottentomatoes is beyond me.  This is why this site exists!

I mentioned earlier that Charlize is the only reason this movie got the 2 Icees.  Well, that’s not totally correct.  Another actress in this movie was pretty good as well in a supporting role, and that is June Diane Raphael.  She’s been in other things, but nothing I’d seen.  She’s got skills.

Overall, this movie is ultra-vulgar, stupid and worst of all… just not funny.   I would advise that even if Seth Rogen movies are your thing, wait until this comes out at Redbox.

No scenes after the credits (thank goodness!).