First, I will say that people get killed in this movie.  Shocker, I know… especially for a John Wick movie because they are normally so tame and docile.  I know I shouldn’t be giving out spoilers and I really try not to, but in this case I thought I’d make that small exception.  Okay, maybe that’s not a real spoiler but the fact that this movie is excellent and gets 4.5 Icees as an action movie.  And boy is there action!  I won’t say it’s “non-stop”, but it’s pretty darn close!

This movie picks up right where JW2 left off, and just ramps it up from there.  When last we left ol’ Johnny-boy he had been told that in 1hr a $14M price would be put on his head.  He replied that he would, “kill them all”.  I tell ya, he sure tries to live up to that.

Anyone that has watched the first two movies knows JW’s signature move is to shot someone twice, with the second shot going to the head (if he doesn’t do that with the first shot).  Well, in the movie there are many ways he kills people, include a way that will make a friend of mine (Mark R) proud.

Joining Keanu Reeves (who I really don’t think “acts” well, but he fits this role perfectly) are some of the same that were in the previous movies as well as the addition of Halle Berry, still looking good at 52.  She rocks her role in the movie!  Well, her and her sidekicks.

In addition to all the action, there are some humorous lines thrown in for good measure.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a comedy but some of the lines are really funny.

If you enjoyed the first two movies, you’ll love this one.  I know I did!

No scenes during or after the credits.