It’s been a while since I’ve watched a really good kids’ movie.  I was leery of this movie because (1) a sequel is rarely better than the original and (2) I gave the original 3.5 Icees so if this is worse, we might be getting into the 2-2.5 range.  Fortunately for me (and for you) this movie is much better than the original!  This movie comes in with a solid 4.5 Icees (as a kids’ movie).

This movie is hilarious throughout.  Not only were all the kids in the theater laughing (which hasn’t happened when I’ve watched a kids’ movie in years), but my wife and I were laughing a lot too.  Without giving out spoilers the best I can say is that this has a couple of different storylines going on at the same time, and they both are funny (although one is funnier than the other).  The writing on this sequel was much better than the original.

I can’t really single out a person whose character wast he funniest as they all had great lines (or actions) at one time or another.  Let’s just say that not only will your kids like it, but there’s enough humor in there for adults too.  If you have kids, this is a movie you should see!

There is hilarious stuff going on during the credits and an after credits thing that could easily be left out.