This movie, which was tailor-made for Samuel L. Jackson gets 3 Icees.  I’d really like to give it more, just based on his performance alone, but sadly the writing was just so awful for the other actors I just can’t go any higher.

On the plus side, I laughed so hard during parts of this movie…. it was great.  However, just as many times I cringed at some of the incredibly bad lines that Jessie T. Usher (Junior) and Regina Hall (Maya) were given.  So when I put them all together, it came out as a 3-Icees movie (out of 5).  The gunfights were ok, and a couple of the fight scenes were cool, but overall this is about how Sam does Shaft…  and he does it great.  He delivers his typical language-heavy (after all, it is Rated-R) lines as well as you’d expect him to do it.  I just wish they had spent as much time with the lines for the other characters in the film.

This movie isn’t bad (after all, I did give it 3 Icees), it’s just not as good as it could have been.