When I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it looked exciting.  Good action and well-choreographed fighting.  This is why I decided to watch it despite the 27% rottentomatoes rating.  I’m glad I did because I agree with the 79% audience rating and give this movie 3.5 Icees (out of 5).  Now to be fair, the critics were right in that this movie isn’t as good as Atomic Blonde in many ways, but I am giving it the same 3.5 Icee rating.

Why you may ask?  Simple… I enjoyed it.  The method of storytelling can be a bit trying as you are constantly wisked back and forth (you’ll see what I mean when you watch it), but it is worth the journey as you follow Anna through her adventures.

The movie stars relatively unknown actress Sasha Luss and I think she does a really good job.  Being supported by Helen Mirren, Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy didn’t hurt either!  I think they all did a fine job in this movie and I kind of hope they do a sequel (although I don’t know if it will make the money for that to happen).

This movie could have used more action, as it had a great fight scene in the restaurant but not many others.  She also had a “John Wick” moment toward the end of the movie, but again… not quite enough action.

I was surprised throughout the film and I really liked that.

No scenes during or after the credits.