So today I watched Yesterday.  Sorry, I’ve been waiting all week to write that line.  The basic premise is on the trailers so it’s no spoiler to say that a man ends up in a world that had never heard of the Beatles nor any of their historic hits and brings them for the first time to today’s society.  Great premise, and I’m a sucker for an interesting and new premise.This movie was actually pretty good, earning 3.5 Icees out of 5.

First, the plot…  Man gets in accident and when he wakes the Beatles never existed.  This could have went so many different ways, but the way that this one went was to focus more one thing more than really focusing on the music itself.  I don’t know that’s the direction I would have taken but I think it worked well enough.

The acting, well Himesh Patel (who?) from the TV series Eastenders (what?) does a really nice job of someone who has to deal with this interesting occurence and is shocked in the whirlwind that success brings him.  Lily James (Downton Abbey) plays his friend/manager and does a great job of doing so.  You really believe that she feels the way she does.  Kate McKinnon plays the role of someone in the music business as funny as it could be done.  She’s awesome.  Finally, a major recording artist (no spoilers here) gets a larger role in the film than you’d expect and does really well with it.

Finally, and this is the test that I judge all movies by….  I just enjoyed it.  I wasn’t overwhelmed-can’t wait to own it-want to see it again  type of enjoyed… but it was a pleasant movie and the music was really awesome (it’s the Beatles after all).  After all, isn’t enjoying a movie the reasont that you go to see it?

No scenes during or after the credits.