After the heavy drama of Infinity War and Endgame, this is the perfect movie to get things back to a lighter tone.  For this and other reasons, this movie gets a solid 4.5 Icees (out of 5).  It is a much more “lighter” movie than the previous Avengers films which I think is good to get the Marvel universe back on track (yes, I know that this is a Sony movie and not a Marvel Studios film, but Marvel had quite a bit of input into this).  The most important thing is that, similar to Spider-Man: Homecoming, this movie focuses as much (if not more) on Peter Parker instead of just Spider-Man.  I think that’s what made Homecoming successful and will no doubt help this movie out quite a bit (and probably helped it to its current 92% critic rating on rottentomatoes).

Although we are dealing with the aftermath of the Thanos “blip” (which is explained sufficiently right away), Peter and his friends are trying to get back to life as normal which includes a summer vacation.  There, well…  things happen.  These things go along 2 paths, with Peter wanting to focus on MJ (Zendaya) and the needs of the world kicking in. All of this while dealing with the death of Tony Stark, which is an important undertone throughout the film.  They handle both of these plotlines well, including where the intertwine.  That’s all I can really say about it without giving away spoilers (and there are plenty to give away!).

Jake Gyllenhaal does a masterful job as Mysterio showing that he belongs in the Marvel universe.  Zendaya does a good job, but there are moments where her acting was a bit stiff.  Hopefully that will pass with the next film (there’s gotta be a next film, right?).  Of course Tom Holland nails this version of Spidey down pat.  Although I don’t know how long this 25 year-old will be able to pass for a 16 year-old kid.  I guess that’s the problem when there are so many years between movies. Anyway, it was also good to see Samuel L. Jackson back after being pretty much absent from the films.  The same is true with Cobie Smulders (who I still would like to see get her own action franchise).

There is great action spread throughout the movie and when combined with the story… well, it just works!

There is a crucial scene during the credits, and another scene at the end.