Every once in a while you come across a movie that people either love or hate.  As I looked through some audience comments on rottentomatoes, this appeared to be one of those movies.  Sadly, if forced to pick one side or the other, I would pick hate.  This movie only earns a sad 2 Icees out of 5.

First the positive.  The acting is strong.  Leo, Brad and Margot all give excellent performances.  So, if this is true, if the three stars are all credited with giving “strong” performances, how can this possibly only get 2 Icees??  Simply put…. the writing.

This movie has spots in it that are brilliant.  Some lines that are given made the entire theater laugh.  However, those spots were too far apart and between them, long… long… long stretches of boredom.  For some that lived in LA in the late 60s, the nostalgia of a car driving at night through the city could be good.  For the other 95% of the world those types of scenes just took forever and offered no real boost to the plot.  Well, using the word “plot” in itself is kind of funny because the plot of this movie sort of plodded along.  Perhaps they should have changed the term to the “plod”?

Some characters and long scenes were totally irrelevant to the movie.  I would go into detail, but to do so would be spoiling and I don’t do that.

I still don’t really understand why so many people liked this movie (85% critics, 77% audience at rottentomatoes as I write this) because although there are spots that are brilliant, it just isn’t worth the 2-hrs and 41-minutes of airtime.  Yeah, you read that right…  2-hrs and 41-minutes of your life (not counting trailers at the front end).

The R-rating comes from the language and Tarantino typical violence.  However, the violence is only in one long scene toward the end so it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been.

My recommendation – Don’t risk that you will be one of the people that hate this movie and simply wait until it comes out on video.

There is a scene partway through the credits and “something” else as the credits come to a close.  At least since there aren’t a lot of destination spots and no CGI the credits aren’t that long.