I’m not going to lie.  I really, really liked this movie.  Yes, it has some bad dialog.. yes it has some incredibly inplausible scenes (like F&F in the past… remember parachuting cars?).. but what it also has is awesome action, greatly choreographed fight scenes, funny banter and fantastic chemistry between its stars.  Therefore, this movie gets a solid 4.5 Icees out of 5!

When you have Jason Statham in a movie, you must have choreographed fight scenes to show off his skills, and this has them a-plenty.  He hasn’t lost a step!

When you have The Rock (or should we just call him Dwayne Johnson now?) you have to have incredible (or not even credible) feats of strength and so this movie has plenty of that as well.

Idris Elba doesn’t bother trying to charm you.  He just straight out gets after it as only he can do.  As he says in the trailer, he is “Black Superman” and shows it!

An awesome addition to this franchise is Vanessa Kirby, showing great action ability that you didn’t get to see in Mission Impossible: Fallout.  She’s got skills of her own, thank you very much.  She also fit perfectly into the chemistry of the two headliners and held her own quite well.

This movie has action throughout, and not just a little action, but a lot!  The driving scenes and fight scenes were so well done it’s not even funny.

Since it is an F&F movie, it has to have a family component and this movie lives up to that tradition.  It also has things in it that just can’t possibly happen in real life, but that also is a F&F tradition.

I’ve read some negative reviews on this movie (currently at 67% critics and 90% audience) and those critics are just too stuck on “art”.  Yes, sometimes you go to a movie to see Oscar-worthy performances and incredible writing.  However, most of the time you go to a movie just to be entertained, and this movie is very entertaining!

There are a few scenes during the credits and one scene afterwards.