In short, this movie should have been lost like the city of gold, except never found.  I can only give this 2 Icees out of 5.  I really tried to give it a higher mark, as I liked the main actress, Isabela Moner, in Instant Family and Transformers: The Last Night, but it was just wayyyy to corny, predictable and just not funny and that’s a shame because I was really looking forward to a young Lara Croft type movie, which is what the trailers led me to believe this would.  This couldn’t be further from that, sadly.

Eva Longoria and Michael Pena are two actors that I really like, but in this movie their talents are just wasted.  Eugenio Derbez played a character that was difficult to even watch, it was so bad.

I think the problem with this live action version of the cartoon series is that it was too cartoony (is that a word?).  I don’t know that anyone over the age of 8 would really enjoy this movie, which is sad, because if they had made it less… well..  cartoony, kids and adults could have enjoyed it more.  It could have been a movie that could be a role model for young girls everywhere.  Instead, it’s just a sad live version of a cartoon, and not a good one at that.

In addition, this movie has some serious continuity issues but to tell you about them would be spoilers.

I guess really, really little kids will enjoy it so if you have some young ones you could give it a shot, but just know that you will only find one or two things amusing in this film.

There were some really young kids that seemed to enjoy themselves, which is the one reason that this movie even got 2 Icees.  The other was the fact that Spanish was used in spots throughout the movie without feeling forced.  It was natural and I liked that.

There is a scene during the credits and one afterwards.