So people who know me know that I don’t watch horror movies.  Fortunately, my oldest daughter does so I asked her to be a guest reviewer!  See Rachel’s 4 out of 5 Icees review below!!

Ready or Not is truly a comedy horror. For the first 30 minutes you think you know what’s coming, but everything quickly turns far worse than expected but in a comedic way. Samara Weaving is the absolute star of this movie; she plays the sardonic Grace as a perfect blend of Everyman and badass.

The other characters are interesting, but often flip flop in their loyalty, making you truly question how things will turn out in the end- which in my opinion is truly satisfying considering everything we’ve learned about Grace’s new family.

Some may not consider it horror, but I think the amount of bloodshed and some awful horror moments place it firmly in the horror genre. The setting is beautiful but claustrophobic, and the concept is unique.

I give it 4 out of 5 icees for the fun, the dark atmosphere, and the incredible acting!

No scenes during or after the credits.