Yet another movie hated by the critics (26%) and loved by the audiences (85%).  I liked this movie much more than the critics but not nearly as much as the audiences as I am only able to give this movie 3.5 Icees.  Here’s why…

First, the good.  Will Smith is really good.  He is showing his age (51) in this movie, but still comes through with charisma but combines it with a sense of maturity that I liked.  The action is really good, although I would have liked a bit more.  The fight scenes that do happen follow the typical Ang Lee (director) style.  Well-choreographed and exciting.

Also, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Farg0) does a good job playing off of Will without it having to be sexual.  Nice touch.  I look forward to watching her in Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (yes, that’s the title).

Although in a smaller role, I thought the performance of Bendict Wong (Dr. Strange) was good as well.

Now the not so good.  Although Will Smith did a great job playing the older version, I thought his performance of the younger version was often cardboardish.  I don’t know how the reverse aging technology works and maybe this is a by-product, but he played the role too stiffly for me.  If you want to see exceptional reverse aging technology, check out Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel.  Also, I thought the set-up took too long, but maybe I’m just being picky.

Anyways, it’s an enjoyable movie that I would recommend, just now the “wow” movie I think it could have been.

No scenes during or after the credits.