This heartwarming tale gets 3.5 Icees from this reviewer!  This is a good movie, inspired by a true story regarding a friendship between Fred Rogers (aka, Mr. Rogers) and a journalist.  In the movie, the journalist is named Lloyd Vogel but it is based on Tom Junod. There are different articles out there that talk about how much poetic license the filmakers took, but for the most part, the tone of movie appears to be very accurate, and that’s awesome.

This movie is about the famous children’s show performer who apparently was one of the nicest people to ever walk the face of the earth (no, he wasn’t a former Navy Seal) and Tom Hanks performs it as well as you’d expect one of the best actors of our time to do…  exceptionally.

Also doing a fantastic job is Matthew Rhys, playing Lloyd Vogel.  He doesn’t play a one-dimensional character but instead portrays the character like a real person with real issues.

I also like the storytelling method of this movie, which bounced back and forth between being an episode of the show and telling the story.

So why only 3.5 Icees if I liked this movie so much?  That’s a great question.  Although I enjoyed this movie and do recommend it, I can’t say that it really blew me away or that it was something that I would ever watch again.  It’s just a good movie that I am glad I watched.

There is a scene as the credits start, but nothing afterwards.