Prior to this week, I had not seen any of the Bad Boys movies so in preparation of watching this one my wife and I watched both of the previous movies via Netflix.  I found the first movie to not be so good (although critics loved it). I thought the writing was slow and lazy and often unimaginative.  Then we moved on to the second one which was a typical Michael Bay movie with lots of actions, lots of things blowing up and really good dialog between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.  In other words, much better.  I probably would have given the first movie 2 Icees and the second one 3.5 Icees.  How many Icees does this movie get?  4.5!!  This is by far the best movie of the franchise!

That number surprised even me.  It is obvious that as both actors became more experienced (first movie was 1995 and the second was 2003) they got better.  This movie really does have everything.  Action, banter, a dash of comedy and one main thing… fun!  This is a movie I highly recommend and gives me hope for 2020 which was seeming to start out pretty slowly.

Will Smith is once again Mike Lowrey, the smooth talking “put people away until I die” type of detective and Martin Lawrence is Marcus Burnett, the family man who really doesn’t like to see dead bodies.  They still love each other like brothers and bicker like an old married couple.  The typical buddy-cop set-up.  However, this great duo just takes it a notch higher than most!  Heck, they even show some love to Michael Bay by having him be a wedding singer!

I like that they give casual references to the previous movies without spending too much time on them making this movie fresh and on its own.  I also like how they kept continuity by bringing back Joe Pantoliano as Captain Howard.  But they kept it fresh by adding a new team (AMMO team) to the mix including Paola Nunez, Vanessa Huggins, Charles Melton and Alexander Ludwig.  This allows the franchise to remain fresh (c’mon, do you really think this isn’t going to continue?).

It is rated R for some violence and a lot of language, but if that doesn’t bother you, this is the movie to see this week!

I just hope there is a Bad Boys 4!!

There is a scene just before the credits start but then nothing after that.