This promising movie was very disappointing to me, and sadly ends up only getting 2 Icees, and that’s purely for the great acting of Blake Lively.  I hope one day she can get a real action movie script and director that is worthy of her talents.

Watching the trailers this movie appeared to be a spy/action movie.  Nope, hardly any action at all.  Now the action that is there is pretty good, but it was a case of too little too late.  The time that it took for something to happen makes it seem like it is a setup for a franchise that just isn’t going to happen.

Most of the movie is very slow.  Now I get that a movie has a set-up time where backstories are told and groundwork is laid.  Unfortunately, that’s about 75% of this movie… and how many scenes of Blake Lively sleeping do you expect us to watch?  Now, before the Lively lovers out there reply that they could watch that all day, please note that Blake when through an impressive make-down.  Now, not as impressive as Charlize in “Monster”, but this is good nonetheless.  This is not the beautiful, glamorous Lively that you watched in A Simple Favor.  This is the … well, I can’t really tell you because that might be considered a spoiler and I don’t do that.

I could tell from this movie that Blake is very skilled and could easily hold a franchise of her own, but with this writing… this one won’t be it.  Sad, because she is truly talented and shines, even though the writing is wanting..

The plot of this movie is laughable, and the talents of Lively, Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown are absolutely wasted.

Blake, we love ya, but you gotta wait until you get a better script next time.  Ryan, how soon can you can pull some strings and get her into the Marvel universe?

There is no scene after the credits.