Some say that this is the time in our lives that will mark the end of movie theaters as we know it.  People are forced to stay home and studios are releases blockbuster movies as “Home Premiere” events (just like the picture says).  I don’t know if it will take off.  People don’t seem to have any problem paying $50 or more to take the family to the movies, buy sodas and popcorn and watch the latest flick, but idea of spending $19.99 to rent a movie for 48hrs at home just seems like too much.  Crazy, I know but I put myself in that category.  I enjoy going to the theater, getting an Icee and watching the latest movie.  It’s what my wife and I do for enjoyment.  It’s our date night thing.  One of the first movies that was projected to do very well in the theaters but instead went straight to On-demand is Trolls 2 (aka, Trolls World Tour).  An interesting social experiment that only time will judge.

So, enough about that and on to the movie review. I was a fan of the first movie giving it 3.5 Icees when it came out, but as time went on it kind of grew on me and I’ve liked it more and more.  Maybe the second movie will be the same way because I am starting off by giving it the same 3.5 Icees rating.  The general idea (as told in trailers so it’s not a spoiler) is that Rock trolls are trying to take all of the magical strings and take over the troll world in the name of Rock.  Cute enough.  However, there are so many different genres of music and this movie tries to get too many of them in and by doing so really waters down the effect.  You don’t get enough country, techno, yodelling, or any other type of music to really enjoy it.  And that make the movie seem rushed throughout.  When you have stars like Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige and others… you just want more..

The music that is played is good, and fun… but there just isn’t enough of it.  Also, the movie tries too hard to shove the “lesson” down our throats in my opinion.  I wish I could go back in time, find the first kids movie with a social theme and just stomp it out.  Sometimes the theme takes over the movie at the expense of fun.  That happens a little here.

Perhaps the quarantine has made me a bit bitter, but I was just looking for more funny out of this movie.  If you enjoyed the first Trolls movie, you’ll enjoy this one as well.  It has all the same characters and Branch is Branch, which is always good.  It is fun throughout, just not as funny as I think it could have been.

There is some animation as the credits start, but not anything of substance.