Welcome back to Reviews By The Don!!  I know it’s only be about 6 months but it feels like forever since the theathers closed down.  First up on the comeback, Tenet.  This is a movie I wasn’t overly excited about as the trailers reminded me too much of Inception.  Well, even though it’s totally different, it did feel familiar in that it is a head-scratcher.

“Don’t try to understand it.”  I’ve seen those words in other reviews and I think I may have heard it (or something like it) in the film itself.  It is difficult for me to watch a movie and not understand it and still enjoy myself.  However, despite all the physics confusion, this movies gets 3.5 Icees from me.

First, don’t try to understand it.  If you do, you’re head will hurt and you probably won’t enjoy the movie nearly as much as you could.  Just sit back and enjoy the action and the acting, all of which is pretty good, even if the confusing spot is too predictable in spots.

John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman, Ballers) is excellent in this movie, I and look forward to seeing more of him in the future.  Throw in some non-vamperic Robert Pattinson (soon to be the next Batman) and you have a good pairing.  Elizabeth Debicki (Guardians 2, Widow, Gatsby) gives a good performance, albeit that stereotypical damsel in distress.  Besides those three, there are some other mid-name actors in this that you’ll be like, “oh, I didn’t know he/she was in this movie”.  The cast does a good job.

The action is limited but when it does happen, it’s really good.  I would have liked to have see more action but Christopher Nolan (director) really has this more of a mental movie (yeah, you’ll go mental if you try to figure it out), kind of like Inception.

Other than the mental exercise, the only other issue I had with this movie is that once you start catching on to the general flow of the movie, it becomes too predictable.  You’ll be like, “yeah, I know that was going to happen” and that’s not alway good when that’s the case.

There are no scenes after the credits.