I have to confess I didn’t watch the original Croods movie when it came out in 2013.  I don’t even remember why, because I thought it looked funny.  Well, since it had been WAY too long since I had watched a movie in the theater, my wife and I decided to see The Croods: A New Age.  Now I couldn’t go watch a sequel without first seeing the original, right?  So I rented it on VUDU and I really liked it.  I thought it was funny without banging you over the head with a lesson (yes, there was one, just not thrown in your face the entire time).

So this brings me to the sequel.  Normally a sequel is just not nearly as good as the original, but in this case that is not true!  I give this movie a solid 4-Icees as a children’s movie.  It was funny, clean, and just… well… fun!

The gang is all back with Grug (Nicolas Cage), Eep (Emma Stone), Guy (Ryan Reynolds), Ugga (Catherine Keener), Gran (Cloris Leachman) and Thunk (Clark Duke).  There are some new characters but I don’t want to spoil that for you, other than to say that there are PUNCH MONKEYS!  Sorry about that… couldn’t resist.

The writing was well-done in that things were funny without being stupid-funny.  This is a great movie to take the kids to when you feel it is safe enough to do so.

There are some pictures when the credits start, but nothing afterwards.