I am a regular guy who has often been frustrated by reading reviews by “professional critics”.  They never like the same things I like. In fact, there were some that I read because I knew if they hated it I would like it. Hey, it worked for me and perhaps I will be that person for some of you that read my reviews.

I use a 1-5 Icee rating scale and even though I do, it doesn’t mean that if I give something a 3 it’s a bad movie. It may have some redeeming qualities but just not be a movie that I cared for all that much. After reading some of my reviews you’ll see that I try to justify why I give the ratings I do.

If you follow this blog, you’ll quickly find out that my wonderful wife and I like watching movies that have things that blow up (think “Expendables”), have lots of action (think “Mission Impossible”), or have a unique concept. We also enjoy watching children’s movies and occasionally a movie that is “deep”.  I rarely watch chic flicks and never watch horror movies, so I apologize if you’re looking for reviews on them.

Going to the movies is kind of “our thing”, so we try to go to a new movie each week. We may not always achieve that goal, but it’s not for a lack of trying. If there just isn’t something good that weekend, we won’t go.  Pretty simple, huh?

I’m not paid by anybody (other than if you’re kind enough to click on an ad that appears on the page and I get a few cents for that) so my opinion is truly my own.  If you like hearing about a movie that is from someone that is like you, a regular non-professional critic, I hope that this blog fills that need.