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Nobody’s Fool

This movie suffered by misguided advertising, attempting to ride the coattails of the wildly successful Tiffany Haddish when in fact she has just a very funny supporting role in this movie.  The trailers made it seem like this was a rip-roaring comedy movie, when in fact that was only part of the story.

The movie (3 Icees out of 5) centers more around Tika Sumpter and her life, which yes… includes her recently paroled sister (Haddish). The movie starts out as the pure comedy the trailers were talking about… a woman who is catfished, but then the movie ventures off in more of a real life direction.  One that is pretty decent, albeit not terrific.  I don’t want to give out any spoilers but don’t go there expecting nothing but comedy because then you’ll be disappointed, which may explain the ratings on

Okay… here’s a little… it’s about lost love, catfished love, and possibly finding love again.  With a bunch of Tiffany thrown in for laughs.  Crude laughs, but laughs nonetheless.  This movie has explicit language and sexual situations (and positions).  I actually enjoyed Tiffany more in Night School than I did this movie, but it’s ok.  Tika and Amber Riley did pretty darn good themselves.

This movie also committed my pet peeve… having a scene in the trailers that was NOT in the movie.  I had it when studios do that.  If it is good enough to put in a trailer to try to sell people on seeing the movie, put it in the stinkin’ film!

There are some bloopers during the credits, but nothing afterwards.


Girl In The Spider’s Web, The

I give this movie a solid 3.5 Icees out of 5.  Regular readers of my blog would know already that I did not read the book.  I don’t read.  I can read.  I just don’t.  I’m actually kind of glad that I don’t because every time someone watches a movie based on a book they’ve read, they complain how bad it is, or how much “the book is better”.   If that’s the case, why do you go and see movies based on the book?  You know you’ll be disappointed, right?  So why do it?

Whereas the first movie was more mental, this one is more action.  It’s not Jason Bourne or anything, but did remind me of Bond movies.  Guess what?  I like Bond movies, so I liked this one.  I liked this one solely based on this as a stand-alone movie.  Not compared to the most recent one (although all the characters did change, and they made the reporter (previously played by Daniel Craig) much younger and some would say hotter (Svirrer Gudnason)). I thought that Claire Foy’s performance was good (not comparing to Rooney Mara no matter how much you ask).

So what’s good about this movie?  I like the suspense and the action.  I thought those were pretty good.

What didn’t I like?  First, stop watching the trailers.  They are so badly done and give too much away.  Second, some of the “technology” in the movie is just too unbelievable. Apparently, anything can be hacked quite easily, including organizations that really shouldn’t be able to be hacked. If it fit the flow of the plot, it was hacked.  Also, there are some “twists” that are just too predictable.

Overall, I really did enjoy the movie and would recommend it.  However, it’s not a “must see” at the theater and if you can wait for Redbox, VUDU, Netflix or however you watch your movies, that’s ok too.  Oh… if you’ve read the book, you should probably not watch the movie.  You’ll probably be disappointed.

No scenes during or after the credits.



Nutcracker And The Four Realms, The

This totally uninteresting film gets a woeful 1.5 Icees (out of 5), primarily due to the beautiful sets, designs and costumes.  Otherwise this movie was a total bust.  Heck, even the title is a miss.  The nutcracker is just a supporting character and a bad acting one at that.

Let’s start with the story.  It’s boring, uninteresting and I found myself drifting off in my mind, thinking of far more engaging things… like the french fries I hadn’t yet finished.  There is nothing within this movie that makes you care about anyone in it.  The main character is mostly whiny, then suddenly courageous.  Huh?  The plot plods along unexcitedly.

The young man who plays the nutcracker gives such a woefully plastic performance I shuttered every time he was about to speak, knowing it would come out without any emotion or acting ability whatsoever. Can you tell I didn’t care for this movie?

The only thing that made me wince more was the voice that Keira Knightley used.  Each time she spoke, it was like she found every nerve in my body and decided to jump up and down on it like a trampoline.  Think fingernails on a chalkboard times 100.

There were several children in the theater that lost interest so fast and just started chatting with their parents and for once… I didn’t mind.  What they were saying was far more interesting that what was on the screen. There is one scene with clown-like characters that scared some of the children, so be warned of that.

But remember…. it has beautiful sets, designs and costumes.

There is some dancing during the credits, but that’s about it.  Not only should you not stick around for the closing credits, don’t even show up for the opening ones!  You want to avoid this movie!


A Star Is Born

This exceptionally well done movie earns a solid 4 Icees (out of 5).  Normally I feel I have to justify why a good movie doesn’t get 5 Icees.  I mean, if I like it and think people should see it, shouldn’t it get 5 Icees?  Wellllll, no.  Although I thought this was a great movie, it’s not one that I would want to watch over and over again.  It’s a really good film, and that’s about it.

First, let’s talk acting.  When I saw that Lady Gaga was in this film I figured there would be awesome vocals displayed (and there are), but I have to confess that I figured this would be another “she can sing so of course she thinks she can act”.  In this case, she really CAN act, and act very well. I don’t know if she pulled experiences from her own life to prepare for this movie or not, but her performance felt real to me.  When you see Bradly Cooper and his blue eyes and deep voice, you know he’s going to do well and women will want to see it.  However, you thrown in Lady Gaga and her acting ability as well and you have the making of a strong movie.  It doesn’t hurt that Sam Elliot also had a good performance in a supporting role.

The story is filled with drama like nobody’s business.  The strong acting and good storyline gives this movie immediate Oscar appeal.  It also makes this movie a good date movie.  I don’t mean that in a romantic comedy sort of way, but in a real love story… filled with challenges, struggles, happiness and occasional fits of anger.  My only challenge is that there is some predictability in the film that could have been avoided.

Now, this movie is rated R for valid reasons.  Cursing throughout, nudity that could have been avoided and drug use are the main things that you will experience in this film, so if those things bother you, perhaps this excellent movie isn’t quite for you.

No scenes during or after the credits.



This overly predictable movie gets just 2 Icees out of 5.  I was hoping for so much more, but sadly, it just didn’t produce.

As far as humor goes, if you saw a trailer for the film you seen the funniest parts.  Yes, it has the stereotypical life lesson that all kids movies must have nowadays but I just didn’t find it that much fun to watch.  Judging by the lack of laughter in the theater, neither did anyone else.

It’s a shame because there were some “name” actors in it including Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Common, LeBron, James Corden and others.  I just thought the writing was mostly dull and unfunny.

I’d recommend waiting until this comes out at Redbox and then not renting it. Sorry this review is short, but there just wasn’t much to say about it.


Goosebumps 2

This sequel isn’t as good as the first and starts slow, but it is serviceable enough and gets 3 Icees out of 5.  To say that the movie starts out slow would be an insult to slow.  I get wanting to set up the movie, but I think this one just went a little too long to do so.  Once it did get going, I thought it was enjoyable to watch.

Madison Iseman (you may remember her as young Bethany from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) does a much better job of acting here because… well… she’s given a lot more to do than to be the “popular blonde chick” and she does it well.  However, the actor I think I was most impressed with was Jeremy Ray Taylor. He was in “It”, but I didn’t watch it (get it… see what I keep doing there?). It’s not often a lead role goes to someone of Jeremy’s stature and I thought the young man did a good job with it.

Yes, most of the story is silly, but it’s a Goosebumps movie so what’d you expect?  The plot is transparent and there are few surprises, but it does well for a nice pre-teen comedy/Halloween movie… and yes… I think that ventriloquist doll is just plain creepy… even before it starts to talk.

The stuff (not really scenes) during and after the credits are not worth sticking around for.

Semi-Spoiler!!!!!  The man that gives out the award at the end of the movie is….  R.L. Stein!!



As I write this post, Venom has a whoppin’ 31% approval rate by the “professional critics” at  It also has an 88% rating by the audience.  This is a perfect example of why The Don does reviews.  I judge a movie by how much I enjoyed it.  Not by how “artistic” it is.  Not by how “Oscar worthy” it is, although it doesn’t hurt.  If you want those types of movies, I hear that A Star Is Born fits that criteria.  I will know later this weekend or next as I do plan to see that movie and rate it.  But this is about an anti-hero named Venom, so let’s begin.

First, although Venom was a Marvel Comics creation, and this movie was not made by Marvel Studios.  It was made by Sony.  The same studio that has messed up The Fantastic Four the last several times and has made X-Men a laughing stock of a franchise.  That is the one thing that worried me about Venom.  Will Sony screw it up…

Well, the answer to that question is a resounding NO.  This movie gets an exciting 4 Icees out of 5.  It starts slow and for my taste takes a little too long to get going, but once it does it’s great.  The interaction between the symbiote and Tom Hardy is fantastic.  Not only is it hilarious at times, but Tom Hardy acts exactly how I would think that someone would act when you find out you have something inside of you like that.  Startled, shocked and amazed. There is no doubt that the best thing about this movie is the relationship between Venom and and Tom.

There isn’t as much action as I would have liked, but the action that is there is awesome.  The supporting cast are serviceable, but not outstanding.  There is one inconsistency that bugs me (if something is working, why would you stop it?) but overall this movie is thoroughly enjoyable.

There is a scene during the credits that appears to set up a sequel, if it does well at the box office.  From the number of people I saw at the theater tonight, that will not be a problem!


Night School

I can honestly say that this is the best Kevin Hart movie that doesn’t have The Rock in it that I have ever seen.  Now, that’s really not saying a lot because up until this movie, I couldn’t stand any of his flicks.  But what about Ride Along?  Hated it.  Couldn’t even finish it. So the bar was pretty low to beat.

I think that Kevin does best when he has A-list talent to work with.  For example, in both Central Intelligence and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle he had The Rock to work with and that chemistry was fantastic.  In this movie, he has the incredibly talented Tiffany Haddish to work off of, and it works well.  This is why this movie was able to get the 2.5 Icees (out of 5) that it received.

The movie starts off with typical Kevin Hart comedy (on its way to a 1.5 or a 2) and then the Tiffany comes in and changes everything.  In this movie, she played the one under control and it worked great with Kevin being Kevin.  There just wasn’t enough of that.  Just like there wasn’t enough of the rest of the class. I would have liked to have seen more of Rob Riggle and the crew.  Instead of this movie being about Kevin and his night school experience, this movie would have been much better if it were an ensemble movie about everyone.  They made some really funny and interesting characters to put around Kevin, but we just didn’t get to see enough of them.

Also, I would have liked to seen more backstory on Tiffany’s character. She is an amazing comedic actress and this movie didn’t do nearly enough to highlight that.

For the die-hard Kevin Hart fans, I am sure you will love this movie much more than the 2.5 Icees I have given it.  However, for the rest of us, this movie was ok (it didn’t get 1 Icees for Pete’s sake), but it wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been.

No scene after the credits…


House With A Clock In Its Walls, The

So I’m sitting in this theater and I’m waiting for the trailers to begin and I look around and I see families sitting around, ordering food (this was a Fork and Screen theater) and being generally noisy. No biggie… the movie hasn’t started yet.  But then I notice the age of the children that are there. True, this was rated PG and not PG-13, but I still thought some of the kids in there were just too young.  I mean around 5-7 years old kind of young.  Oh well, their parents will have to deal with it if the kiddos wake up from bad dreams.

So as I’m watching this movie (which, by the way, I give 3 Icees to) and I hear one little girl saying she doesn’t like it because its too scary.  I hear another little child (a boy I believe) crying and having to be taken out by his mom.  Now, I don’t think the movie was all that scary, but I’m not 5 years old either. Yes, the movie has some scary scenes in it, after all this is supposed to be a pre-teen “horror/comedy” movie after all. I guess I would say if your kid is a real pre-teen (maybe 9-12 years old) then they can do just fine with this movie.  Too much younger than that, you’re on your own!

So on to the review.  The movie is actually decent for its target audience. It’s not as good as Goosebumps was (also with Jack Black in it) but it is ok.  The acting is a bit hokey at times, but again… this is a pre-teen’s movie and not one really designed for adults.  The story starts off a bit slow but then picks up the pace well.  Jack Black carries his role off well, as does Cate Blanchett. Owen Vaccaro is ok as a nerdy kid, but sometimes he is too stiff with his acting.  Something that will hopefully pass with time.  The worse performance for me was that of Sunny Suljic as Tarby.  First of all… Tarby??  Really??  Well, anyway I didn’t care for his performance at all and hopefully he uses the money from this movie for some acting lessons.

Ok, I just realized that I started the first 3 paragraphs with “so”, and therefore I will try to avoid that word for the rest of this review.  There is enough scariness to make the movie worthwhile if you want to try your pre-teen out on “horror” to see how they will do before they try something more terrifying, but not enough to send them into therapy (unless they’re 5 years old… I mean.. c’mon.. who takes a 5 year old to see a horror movie, even if it is PG?).

There is a “scene” during the credits and after the movie, but nothing worth sticking around for.


A Simple Favor

This unique movie get a resounding 4 Icees out of 5.  When I watched the trailer for this movie, I immediately thought of Gone Girl (which is an excellent movie, I might add).  Throw in Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively and I was all in.  What I ended up with however was something different. Something unlike anything I had seen before, and I always enjoy when I find movies like that.

For one, the movie is much more fun/funnier than the trailers let on, but it’s not a comedy.  I would classify it as a comedy-thriller.  As the trailers indicate, you take a shy, naive single mom (Anna) and mix her in with a lovely woman-about-town (Blake) and throw in that woman going missing and you end up with a mystery that only gets more twisted and interesting as it unfolds.  There is a little predictability, but just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, there is a twist that shakes things up.

This movie is R-rated and it would be rated as such just for the language alone (many, many f-bombs), but you throw in a dash of violence (but not the graphic violence that you might think of with a movie like this), a single drug use scene, and an “unusual” graphic nude image and you get a solid R.  With Paul Feig directing (Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy) I would expect nothing less than quirkly, profane and unusual.  This delivers on what I think is his best movie to date.

I have to confess I’ve never watched a Blake Lively movie (other than Green Lantern) and never watched Gossip Girl so for me, this was her first movie in a starring role and she rocked and shocked it. Some of the things she says are just… wow…  I’ve seen Anna in many things (isn’t she in every movie nowadays?) and she when stereotypical here with the naive single mom role, but pulled it off amazingly well.  Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) did a stellar job as the husband, but this was all about the ladies, and that’s a good thing.  I like a movie with strong female characters where the guy plays second (or third) fiddle.

This is a good movie; one worth seeing.  If you like a movie that tells a story without having to get all up in your face about it, this is that type of film.

There are no scenes during the credits.


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