Collateral Beauty Trailer #2

This movie comes out this weekend, and so far it has been trashed by the critics.  I will do my review on Saturday, but it just mystifies me that a cast this good could produce a movie as bad as the critics say it is.  But that’s why I’m here, because I’m not a professional critic, but am just a regular guy providing a service. Check out the trailer below and then check back Saturday night for my review!


Collateral Beauty Trailer #2

Okay, this movie just made it to my “Must See” list.  Now normally this list is reserved for Marvel, DC, Expendables, Mission Impossible and those types of movies.  However, this movie looks so powerful I just can’t say no to it.  However, you will need your tissues when you see this one.  That’s almost guaranteed.  It comes out Dec 16th.


Collateral Beauty Trailer

This movie looks really good! In the past I haven’t cared for the dramatic movies that Will Smith has done, but this looks different.  For one, it has an interesting concept and I’m a sucker for new and original concepts.  Check this out and let me know what you think in the comments block.  This movie comes out December 16th.



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